Exam Content

  Note: This is only an outline of information on which candidates may be tested. Not all subjects will necessarily be covered on the version of the test you take. For deeper study many sources are included in the reading list.


I. Human Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology (30% – 45 questions)

1.   In the hand and wrist anterior and posterior name, location, & function of the: 

a. Bones

b. Muscles

c. Tendons

d. Ligaments

e. Joints

f. Styloid process of the ulna/radius

g. Blood supply (veins and arteries)

h. Median, radial and ulna nerves

i. Landmarks

- thenar eminence

- creases


2.   Biomechanics and kinesiology of the wrist and fingers:

a. Pronation

b. Supination

c. Abduction

d. Adduction

e. Opposition of thumb

f. Extension

g. Flexion

h. Hyperextension


3. Basic anatomical terminology

4.  Pathology

a. Carpal tunnel syndrome

b. Raynaud’s Disorder

c. Ganglions

d. Dupuytren’s Contracture

e. Pathology of the nails

f. Arthritis


II.  Reflexology (60%–90 Questions)

1.   Definition

2.   Scope of Practice

3.   History

4.   Theory

5.   Reflex chart

6.   Guidelines

7.   Techniques

a.   Relaxation techniques

b.   Working techniques

c.   Areas of emphasis


III. Business practices (10%–15 questions)

  1.  Code of Ethics
  2. Code of Business Standards
  3. Precautions
  4. Client History
  5. Disclaimer


  1. Location of reflexes
  2. Working the reflexes
  3. Communication skills
Required number of clients and number of sessions per client
  1. Forms
  2. Samples