What is the ARCB?

The American Reflexology Certification Board is an independent testing agency for the field of reflexology.

ARCB is a legally constituted, non-government entity incorporated under California Law as a non-profit corporation and is IRS tax exempt.  It has been set up precluding self interest and private financial gain to serve the Reflexology field and protect public safety. ARCB's primary aim is to accomplish this through certifying the competency of those reflexologists practicing professionally who meet certain standards.  A second objective is to act as a national referral board for certified practitioners.

What the ARCB is Not

The American Reflexology Certification Board is not affiliated with any school or educational program.  It does not accredit schools or instructors.  Nor does it endorse any specific curriculum, training program, or instructor.  ARCB is also not a membership association.

One cannot "join" the ARCB. One must test and upon successful completion of the examination process become a certificant.