General Education Resources

As an independent non-profit testing agency, ARCB does not endorse or recommend any reflexology curriculum, school or instructor.

However, the ARCB is frequently asked where one can go to learn reflexology.  As a public service ARCB does provide a list of schools in the US. Click here to access the Reflexology Schools List 

Other helpful resources include:

  • Search on the Internet under “reflexology schools”
  • Adult Education Centers/Programs
  • Career Colleges
  • University or Community College Extension Programs
  • Massage schools
  • State Reflexology Associations (they don’t teach but may know of courses Click here to access the Reflexology Associations page
  • Holistic and Wellness Centers

Reflexology training in conjunction with a massage school requires special attention.  Many massage schools teach foot massage not reflexology that has a different history, uses different techniques, and is considered a separate discipline. This is a good example where the instructor’s training and education is crucial. For a course within a massage school a total number of 110 hours devoted strictly to reflexology are recommended in order to qualify for ARCB testing upon completion.