Composite Reflexologist Profile

2007 Profile of the "Average" U.S. Reflexologist

By Phyllisann Maguire, Ph.D.

The Profile is based on the 2007 National Survey Results

Based on the responses provided in the 2007 Job Analysis Survey, the “typical” reflexologist is a 52-year-old Caucasian female who is self-employed in reflexology and practices in a suburban area of New York.  “Zoe” has been practicing for about 10 years, sees less than 10 clients per week and carries practice liability insurance. Although, Zoe conducts the majority of her sessions in a private practice at her home, she occasionally makes “outcalls” to her clients’ homes.

Zoe’s sessions last about an hour for which she charges $60. Her annual income from her part-time reflexology practice is approximately $21,000. In addition to her “formal” education, from which she has a four-year degree, Zoe’s initial reflexology training consisted of a 200 hour program. To date, she has at least 500 hours of training in reflexology. She likely gained the additional hours of training through attendance at the workshops and conferences held by the state, national and international associations of which she is a member.

During the course of her work, Zoe varies the pressure during her thumb and finger movements, uses circular pressure and avoids using her knuckles on the reflex points. She is careful to check with her clients intermittently throughout the session regarding their pressure preferences. She doesn’t use tools, but occasionally uses lubricants during her work. On those frequent occasions when Zoe applies adjunct therapies to reflexology, her adjunct therapies of choice are Reiki or/and massage. Zoe always works on the feet and increasingly is incorporating work on the hands into her sessions. She is less apt to work on the ears and face.

Following a code of ethics, Zoe doesn’t provide psychological counseling, but does engage in active listening. She will often give her clients homework for self-help and will refer them to other health care providers on an “as-needed” basis. Zoe follows a combination of the stress reduction, medical and energy models of reflexology, but also believes that there are contraindications that always have to be considered.

Zoe’s level of satisfaction with her reflexology practice fluctuates from “very” to “extremely” satisfied. However, she is only “satisfied” with her involvement in the field, itself. Her level of satisfaction with reflexology as a business endeavor is also “satisfied”. Zoe’s perception of “satisfied” may be a reflection of her engagement in reflexology as a part-time endeavor, pursued as a new interest in her mid-adult life.