Sessions & Documentations

Hands-On Skills Are One of the Important Cornerstones of the Testing Process.

ARCB requires the submission of 90 post-graduate client documentations for grading. 30 clients must be seen a minimum of 3 times each with individual sessions documented. Each session should be 40-60 minutes in length. You will receive one (1) hour of credit for each of your 90 documented sessions submitted. These hours, along with a minimum 110 educational hours, count toward the 200-hour prerequisite for ARCB certification.

The documentations on ARCB forms must use correct anatomical terminology when noting observations and areas of sensitivity. Complete details for documentation are included with the Study Outline sent upon acceptance of application. No certification will be issued without submitting and passing the documentation portion of the exam. You may begin your documentations as soon as you receive the forms. You have a maximum of 6 months after taking the written test to submit your documentations.