Fee Schedule

Exam Fees
Foot Exam Fee $295.00
Hand Exam Fee                                                $150.00
Annual Fee                                                          $55.00


Retesting Fees


Retake Any One (1) Part of the Written Foot  Exam  $75.00
Retake the Practical Foot Exam  $95.00
Retake the Documentations for the Foot Exam $50.00
Retake of Any One (1) Part of the Hand Exam     $75.00


 Continuing Education Fees


Multi-Activity Provider Application & Re-Approval Fee         $250.00 for 2 years
Single-Activity Provider Application & Re-Approval Fee          $50.00 (for 1-6 CEU’s) $75 .00 ( for 7 or more CEU’s)
Application for CEs from Non ARCB Approved Provider  $25.00
Application for CEs from Independent  Study  $25.00*


Replacement Fees


Certificate Replacement  Fee                                               $10.00
Foot or Hand Pin Replacement Fee                                                  $20.00


* Applications for up to 12 CEs in a two (2) year Cycle may be submitted together for one submission fee. 

Click here for CE Independent Study   or  See  Continuing Education