American Reflexology Certification Board ®

Setting the highest testing standards to which Professional Reflexologists aspire since 1991.

ARCB® Professional Business Standards & Conduct


As a professional reflexologist who is certified and registered with the ARCB® I shall:

  1. adhere to the ARCB® Code of Ethics and all other rules and regulations.
  2. work within the guidelines of the federal, state and local laws including HIPPA.
  3. not claim to cure or heal ailments or treat for any specific illnesses in marketing materials and

verbal statements.

  1. display my professional certificates in my office along with the ARCB® Code of Ethics.
  2. display full and fair disclosure of services, a disclaimer, and a notice of complaint.
  3. know a definition of reflexology, explaining what reflexology is and what the client can expect before or during the first session. When combining another discipline with reflexology clearly state

that you are doing so.

  1. communicate to the client the policy regarding fees, scheduling procedures, hours, the result of tardiness on the part of the client, and missed appointments.
  2. have the client fill out a health history form.
  3. have the client read and sign a contract for services form before the first session begins.
  4. keep a record of clients’ names and contact information
  5. keep financial records and bills in up-to-date.
  6. keep the office area organized and neat.
  7. make a visual observation of the feet before beginning the session and adhere to contraindication


  1. document each session.
  2. furnish a written receipt upon request.
  3. wear suitable professional attire.
  4. use clean linens for each client.
  5. never take advantage of the client/practitioner relationship by establishing clear


  1. advertise in a proper and professional manner according to the ARCB Code of Ethics.
  2. remain committed to continued reflexology education and training by attending classes,

workshops, national conferences and/or other opportunities.

  1. the use of tools and/or mechanical devices not approved by the FDA used in reflexology is

discouraged due to legal liability. Their use falls outside the scope of ARCB® certification.

  1. if found to have transgressed any rules of the ARCB professional business and ethical codes, voluntarily surrender and return to the ARCB® the ARCB® pin, certificate, I.D. card, and forgo the use of the title, “ARCB® Nationally Board Certified Reflexologist”.