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Donna L. Morris, RN, DrPH

A confirmed experimenter in and early adopter of complementary therapies, Donna began her journey by participating in numerous workshops (and dragging her husband along), trying as many therapies as she could, and exploring the effects of these therapies on herself. Her first exposure to reflexology was when a reflexologist presented in a Complementary and Alternative Therapies course that she was teaching. After that, she was hooked! She studied with Judy Morey in Columbus, Ohio, and after completing the program, sat for the ARCB exam in 2007.

Donna is a Registered Nurse with a Doctor of Public Health, taught graduate level nursing for 30 years, and brings her extensive background in nursing and public health, to her practice. She integrates foot/hand/and ear reflexology with Reiki, Healing Touch, and aromatherapy- throwing in a little guided imagery along the way. She is delighted to be affiliated with an integrative medical practice that includes 2 physicians, several massage therapists, psychotherapists, craniosacral therapists, and a nutritionist.