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Tish Gilmore

Tish was a stay at home mom and continuous night class student, in search of a more fulfilling future when, in 1999, she heard the word ‘reflexology’. There were no reflexology programs in the state of South Dakota at that time, so she found one in Denver, Colorado and spent the next year driving 500 miles each way to complete her course work with Rachel Lord at Just for Health. She opened a reflexology office in downtown Pierre in 2000, and was ARCB® certified in 2001.

Tish served on the ACARAT board from 2002-2005. She also served on the RAA Board as an interim director in 2004/2005. She was pivotal in providing a path toward attaining an exemption for reflexology from the massage licensure bill that was signed into law in 2005. She has attended seven RAA conferences and two ICR conferences. She continues to see clients in the exact office that she opened in 2000, thrilled to be part of a profession that has opened so many doors and has changed her life most profoundly.