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Legal Use of ARCB®’s Registered Trademarks (®) and Other Materials

Did you know that our logos (examples below) as well our full name, American Reflexology Certification Board®, and acronym, ARCB®, are registered trademarks and may only be used as stated below?  In addition, our Study Guide, brochures and other materials available through our website are copyrighted materials and may not be used without our advance written permission. Note that ARCB® conducts regular searches for improper use of our marks and materials and we will take legal action as necessary to protect our rights. Please check your use of our protected items to be certain that you are compliant with the law.

ARCB®’s logos may not be altered in any way. Our logos are not to be used with any words which imply you are endorsed, recommended or licensed by ARCB or to infer you are approved as an instructor or that your products are approved by ARCB®. The ARCB® acronym, unless previously identified to mean the American Reflexology Certification Board® cannot be used by itself.

The following information is provided to clarify proper use of each of our logo materials. If you have additional questions, please contact our office.

ARCB® logos (those with stars at the bottom) may only be used by the ARCB® organization itself.
These logos may not be used by certificants (those who have successfully passed the ARCB® exam) or by those providing courses and activities approved for ARCB® continuing education hours.
ARCB® Certified logos (those with CERTIFIED at the bottom) may be used by ARCB® certificants who have passed the appropriate exam.
(Only those who have passed our foot exam may use the Certified logo with the feet appearing on it. If you have not yet passed our hand exam you may not use the Certified logo with the hands appearing on it.) In order to use our Certified logos you must be a certificant in good standing with both your annual fees and continuing education units up to date. If you allow your certificant status to lapse you must immediately discontinue use of our logo. In addition, ARCB® certificants may use the term “National Board Certified Reflexologist”, “NBCR”, or “ARCB® Board Certified Reflexologist” in their biographical and promotional materials. It is improper to use only the term ARCB® to reference the certificant. Use of ARCB® Board Certified Reflexologist must include the registered trademark symbol in the acronym. (Your reflexology education may have offered a certificant program which allows you to use different terms to reflect your status as a certified reflexologist through your school.)
The ARCB® Continuing Education logo is only for use in connection with a particular course or activity for which an organization or an individual has obtained ARCB® approval of continuing education (CE) hours.
The CE course/activity must have a current approval (both fees and information required must be up to date) in order to display the logo. The logo may not be displayed on an organization’s or instructor’s website or promotional materials unless a course or activity for ARCB® CE hours is currently offered. Again, it should be shown only in connection with that particular course or activity. Use of the logo relates only to the ARCB® course or activity for which ARCB® CE hours are approved; not the school or the instructor. ARCB® is not affiliated with and does not approve or promote any school or instructor.