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Benefits of Reflexology Continuing Education

Here are 10 great benefits for continuing your reflexology education…

Benefits of Reflexology Continuing Education

When you continue to take classes after you’ve graduated from your initial reflexology training, you:

  • Refine and expand your skill-set

  • Refresh and evolve your understanding of the body

  • Meet and reunite with passionate colleagues

  • Are introduced to fabulous new instructors and their personal dynamic understanding of reflexology

  • Earn continuing education credits required by ARCB®

  • Receive specialized, detailed reflexology instructions

  • Practice and learn a new style with instructor guidance

  • Add professionalism to your practice

  • Strengthen our profession by supporting education and educators

  • Take steps toward your own personal growth

© 2018 Lisa Hensell. Reprinted by permission of the author. Lisa is the recipient of the 2018 Reflexology Association of America Education Award.


Comments from the editors at ARCB®:

We were able to expand on Lisa’s list with a few more benefits:

  • Make new professional friends

  • Expand your business network

  • Share business building tips with others in class

  • Increase your education hours to achieve RAA or affiliated state association Professional status

In order to earn continuing education credits recognized by ARCB®, be certain to take classes that are approved in advance for ARCB® credits. Please contact our office for the current list of approved classes.

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