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How do I find out when my 2-year CE cycle ends?

Look at your ARCB® certification document. The cycle begins January 1 of the year after you achieved certification and ends 2 years later on December 31st. If you’re still not sure, then you can call the ARCB® office to verify.

I had a hardship and was unable to complete my 12 CE hours before the end of my 2-year cycle. Now what?

With the option to perform an Independent Study project or to fulfill your CE requirement with an on-line course, there is little justification for granting hardship extension. ARCB® may grant an extension for hardships such as a major illness, full-time caring for a disabled or ill family member, etc. Please submit your extension request in writing to the ARCB® office via mail, e-mail or fax together with an explanation of the hardship and a proposed time frame in which you expect to complete the 12 CE hours.

What if I want to attend a couple of non-approved courses or perform several independent study projects or a combination of both to achieve my required 12 hours?

You can submit them all on a single App for Independent or Non-ARCB® Approved Study form and cover them all with the payment of one $25 non-refundable fee.

How long does it take for an Application for Independent or Non-ARCB® Approved Study to be approved?

Approvals are processed in the order received. If you are diligent about providing all required information, it usually takes less than 30 days to process your application; however, we suggest allowing 6 weeks, if possible, to be certain of approval before attending the activity.

What happens if my Application for Independent or Non-ARCB® Approved Study isn’t approved?

Our office will notify you of non-approval or may notify you of deferred approval pending receipt of further information.

If the course or activity provides more than 12 CE hours, do I receive credit for the additional hours and can I carry them over for credit to another 2-year period?

No more than 12 CE hours will be credited in any 2-year period and any additional hours earned may not be carried over to another 2-year period.

How will I know if my Independent or Non-ARCB® Approved Study Completion has been approved?

You will be notified by the ARCB® office. If it is not approved, further information will be provided to enable you to resubmit for approval.

What happens if I forget to submit my attestation form?

The office will remind you that you must submit it in order to avoid lapsed status.

What if I am one of those selected for random audit of attendance at an ARCB® approved activity or course and I’ve lost my verification documentation?

Contact the provider of the ARCB® approved activity/course to request replacement of the lost documentation.

Can I perform the same activity or attend the same course again and use it for credit?

For a repeated Independent or Non-ARCB® Approved Study activity to be approved, you must be able to indicate how it further enhanced your skills by describing in detail what was newly learned.

Can I still receive credit if I forgot to apply for approval before my Independent or Non-ARCB® Approved Study activity?

Failure to submit the form for approval will not automatically result in denial, and you may submit for approval after the fact. You should submit the App for Independent or Non-ARCB® Approved Study form together your $25 fee and the Independent or Non-ARCB® Approved Study Completion Form. Note that without pre-approval you risk that the completed study or activity will not be approved and you won’t receive credit.

I have a question about CE requirements that isn’t covered here. How do I get it answered?

Simply submit your question to the ARCB® office via mail, e-mail or fax.