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Schools, individual instructors and organizations such as reflexology associations may apply to have their classes, seminars, workshops, conferences, programs or other offerings become ARCB® approved to provide Continuing Education (CE) hours to ARCB® certificants. The offerings must be either directly applicable to the practice of reflexology or clearly enhance the certificant’s knowledge-base, which will positively impact their reflexology practice. The applying entity or individual must complete and submit a CE Activity Provider Application form together with required information about the activity(ies) for which CE hours are desired.

You may apply for approval of a single activity or multiple activities. Providers who have received ARCB® approval for specific CE activities may add activities at any time by submitting a new application for ARCB® approval at least 6 weeks prior to the event. Approval of your application does not mean that ARCB® approves you as a provider for all your offered activities or endorses you as a provider. Only those activities for which you have submitted and received our approval are eligible to offer ARCB® CE hours and you are responsible to be certain that your marketing information makes this clear.


  • Single activity of 1 to 6 CE hours - US $50
  • Single activity of 7 or more CE hours - US $75
  • Multiple activities - US $250

Fees are due at the time of application and are non-refundable. ARCB® reserves the right to modify CE provider fees at any time without advance notice.


Approved applications are valid for a period of 2 years from date of initial approval. Providers may request renewal for the same CE offerings upon expiration of the initial 2 year period by providing updated information regarding changes in the offerings or by applying to renew without changes.

CE Hours Determination

The CE hours requested in an application may include only actual hours of instruction. Introductory time and lunch breaks may not be included in CE hours. A few short breaks may be included.

Application Details

In order to complete an Application to Provide ARCB® CE Hours, the applicant should be prepared to provide information concerning the activity(ies) and objectives, topic area details, percentage of total activity time devoted to each topic, teaching methods, the teacher(s) and each teacher’s education, title/position, and professional qualifications to teach the activity(ies). For each activity the applicant must also provide sample(s) of the CE Certificate of Attendance or Completion Verification, sample(s) of the tool provided for attendees to evaluate the activity upon completion, course/activity schedule listing times, teacher(s) and an agenda. The agenda must include an hour-by-hour breakdown of topics covered by the activity. You may apply and pay on-line (submitting required attachments via mail, e-mail or fax) or download and submit your Application to Provide ARCB® CE Hours.1 via mail or fax. Allow 6 weeks from the date of submission of your application form, fee and all supporting documentation for review and response as to whether approval has been granted.