American Reflexology Certification Board ®

Setting the highest testing standards to which Professional Reflexologists aspire since 1991.

How do I apply to take the ARCB® Exam?

Complete the exam application and submit the fee. Note the application requires school verification of your reflexology certification / education. See Take the ARCB® Exam section of this website for more detailed information.  (Also see questions and answers below regarding educational requirements.)

Does passing the ARCB® exam provide me a license to practice reflexology anywhere in the USA?

ARCB® national certification does not provide you the right to practice legally in the USA. Laws and requirements vary from state to state and from city to city within a state. For information about practicing in a particular state, contact the local city and/or county clerk’s business licensing office for the city in which you desire to practice. The Reflexology Association of America (RAA) or the state’s reflexology association may also be able to provide more information about the requirements within a particular state.  See Legislative & Other Resources from the Main Menu to contact these organizations.

How are test dates and locations determined?

ARCB® returns to some locations at approximately the same time each year and other locations are determined dependent upon requests by applicants in an area. Test dates are set to coincide with weather conditions in different areas of the country and are often scheduled adjacent to reflexology conference dates.

When are test locations and dates available?

Test dates and locations are set by the Board of Directors and are usually made available on our website in December of each year for the coming year. See the Take the ARCB® Exam section of this website for the most current list of dates and locations.

If I want ARCB® to test in my area, how can I arrange that?

ARCB’s® minimum requirement to test in any given location is 8 confirmed candidates. Such a group of candidates can request a specific location by informing our office by phone or e-mail and a date/location can be coordinated. We do not conduct tests at schools or spas, but only at conference/meeting centers.

After I apply, how much time do I have to take the exam?

You have 12 months from your application date to take the exam. If you do not take the exam within 12 months, the application fee is forfeited and you must reapply.

What if I can’t make it to the exam or decide I’m not ready to take it and need to cancel?

Call or e-mail the office immediately. You have the option for a refund of the application fee less a $50 processing fee or you may reschedule your test within 2 years. You may reschedule to take the exam at another location or wait to see if your original location will be available the next year.

What happens if ARCB® cancels an exam?

If ARCB® cancels an exam due to lack of candidates you will typically be notified at least 30 days prior to the exam date. If cancellation is due to another reason, such as weather prohibiting travel of the proctor and candidates, you will be notified as soon as possible. Notifications are generally made by phone and/or e-mail. In the event of ARCB® cancellation you have the option of receiving a refund of the full exam fee or keeping it on account for another exam date you choose within the next 2 years. If you do not take the exam within 2 years after an ARCB® cancellation, your fee is forfeited and you will need to reapply.

What if I make my travel arrangements and the exam is cancelled?

ARCB® is not responsible for travel costs. If ARCB® cancels an exam due to lack of candidates you will typically be notified at least 30 days prior to the exam date. We encourage you not to make reservations until the date has been confirmed or to choose refundable or transferrable fares.

Can I send my documentations to a street address via FedEx, etc?

All documentations should be sent to the street address listed on our website. If time is a concern you may utilize a priority delivery service, however we request that you do not structure the delivery to require a signature upon receipt.

Can I get feedback on my documentations prior to submitting them all to ARCB®?

Yes, you may send one sample of your documentations to the ARCB® office prior to formal submission requesting feedback on proper format and structure.

What if I passed the written and practical exam, but I haven’t been able to complete the required documentations within 6 months of the exam date?

Contact the office to explain the reason for your inability to complete the documentations and to request an extension. Extension requests are subject to review and approval by the ARCB® Board of Directors. (Note it is recommended you begin and complete at least a portion of your documentations prior to taking the exam.)

How can I get a copy of the ARCB® Study Guide?

The only way to obtain a copy of the Study Guide is to apply and be accepted for testing with ARCB®. The Study Guide (which includes Additional Resources Material recommendations, Study Tips and Documentation Forms) is sent to you upon completion of the application process.

How long will it take to receive my Study Guide?

Your completed application and fee as well as school verification must be received before the Study Guide can be sent. The Study Guide is mailed within 2 days of receipt of all required items and usually arrives within 3 to 7 business days. If you believe your application, verification and fee payment have been completed and you haven’t received your Study Guide, please contact our office.

When can I start doing my documentations?

As soon as you receive the instructions and the blank form masters for copying. These are sent within the Study Guide.

After I apply and am accepted, when may I take the exam?

You must sit for the exam within one year of application acceptance.  ARCB® does not recommend that you schedule to take the exam until you have studied for at least 3 months after receiving your Study Guide. Please note there is no guarantee that test cities will be the same each year and that travel expenses to take the exam are your responsibility.

What do I have to do to maintain my ARCB® certification?

In order to remain certified, you must pay an annual fee and provide evidence of completion of 12 hours of continuing education (CE) every two years.  See the Continuing Education section of this website for more information about your options for CE hours.

When is the annual fee due and how can I pay it?

Certificants are notified by mail or e-mail prior to the end of each year reminding them to pay their annual fee. Payment is due by January 31st of the new year. You may pay your fee on-line through the certificants-only area of this website or download the fee payment form and mail it with your payment (select Login from the Main Menu to access this area).

If I mail in my annual fee can I send my continuing education proof with it?


How long after I submit my annual fee before I receive my new ID card?

Allow a minimum of 30 days for processing. If you have not received it after that time, please contact our office.

How can a reflexology school or instructor help to prepare students for the ARCB® exam?

Schools and instructors cannot teach to the ARCB® exam and cannot orient their tests as a measure for the ARCB® exam. No school or instructor may claim that passing their certification course will enable their students to pass the ARCB® exam. Becoming nationally certified by ARCB® is designed to encourage applicants to go above and beyond the initial reflexology certification training they have already taken and to advance both the individual practitioner and the reflexology profession as a whole. Applicants should understand that they alone are responsible for working with the Study Guide, using the recommended resources in the guide and taking adequate time to study and prepare for the exam. ARCB® strongly recommends a minimum of 3 months preparation time between applying and taking the exam. Some applicants may need more study time. Schools and instructors may best help their students to prepare to take the ARCB® exam by accurately communicating this information to their students.

I’m an instructor or owner of a reflexology school. What should I include in my curriculum and should I be ARCB® certified?

ARCB® recommends that you review the current requirements for professional membership in the Reflexology Association of America and/or your state reflexology association for information to set your school curriculum. Also see Choosing a Reflexology Education in the Legislative & Other Resources area for ARCB’s® suggested minimum requirements for course content and hours by subject. As an instructor or school owner, you would want to know that your application of reflexology techniques and knowledge does meet the American standard (the techniques of thumb and finger-walking and hook-in and back-up), so you should consider ARCB® testing for yourself.

I’d like to become approved to provide ARCB® Continuing Education credits. How do I do that?

See the Continuing Education section of this website for Schools, Instructors & Associations.