American Reflexology Certification Board ®

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Is there a prerequisite to take the ARCB® Hand Exam?

Yes, you must have successfully passed the ARCB® foot certification before you can take the hand exam.

What are the education requirements to take the Hand Exam?

You must have completed 30 hours of classroom instruction which meets the content/subject requirements defined by ARCB®. You must be able to provide a Certificate of Attendance or verification (in English) from the school/instructor verifying the number of hours attended and individual subjects taught. Please see Legislative & Other Resources in the Main Menu and Choosing a Reflexology Education topic for more detailed information regarding course and subject requirements.

What hand reflexology chart is used for the exam?

The chart used is the ARCB® hand chart provided in the Study Guide. During your hand reflexology training your school or instructor likely used one specific chart. For testing purposes, all candidates must have access to the same information, not affiliated with any school or teacher, and therefore ARCB® requires candidates to be tested based on their knowledge of the ARCB® provided chart.  Note that ARCB’s® chart is used for exam purposes only and is not intended to be a definition of the American system of reflexology or the only correct chart.

What is covered on the hand exam and what are the documentation requirements?

The written portion consists of 45 questions on Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) and Kinesiology, as well as 15 questions on business practices and 50 questions on areas of emphasis and hand reflexes. The practical portion of the hand exam is similar to that described in the foot exam FAQs. The documentation portion of the hand exam requires documenting a total of 20 sessions that are a minimum of 30 minutes each.

What if I learned hand reflexology from a school/teacher that teaches a combined program (foot/hand or foot/hand/ear)?
How do I provide evidence that I completed the required 30 hours?

The school or instructor must complete an ARCB® School Verification Form that states the program is a combined program that covers the required course and subject components and verifies the number of classroom instruction hours dedicated to hand reflexology. For detailed information on course and subject requirements, please see Other Resources in the Main Menu and Choosing a Reflexology Education topic.

What if the school or instructor I used did not offer at least 30 hours of instruction in hand reflexology?

Then you will need to take an additional course in hand reflexology to achieve the required number of hours.

Can I take a course in hand reflexology and apply it toward my CE hours to maintain my ARCB® foot certification?

Yes; however, please note that you cannot use the course you take as the basis for both your prerequisite training for hand certification and also for CE hours.  It may apply to only the training prerequisite or to CE hours.

Does my Continuing Education (CE) hours requirement change if I also pass the hand exam?

No, the requirement remains the same (12 CE hours every 24 months).

Can I take the foot exam and the hand exam on the same date if they are both offered?

No, you must complete your ARCB® foot certification first.

Does the ARCB® have future plans to offer a combined hand and foot exam that doesn’t require completion of foot certification first or a standalone hands-only certification?

There are no such plans at this time.