American Reflexology Certification Board ®

Setting the highest testing standards to which Professional Reflexologists aspire since 1991.

ARCB® plays an active role nationwide on behalf of professional Reflexologists whose right to practice may be impacted by legislative activity in their city, county or state. In addition, we are often called upon by law enforcement or government officials who desire help in revising laws relating to the practice of reflexology in their jurisdiction. Our Legislative Committee works in conjunction with the Reflexology Association of America to monitor legislative activity and legal actions that are of concern to professional Reflexologists.

ARCB® opposes any legislation that would place Reflexology under massage or cosmetology licensing requirements, or the control of any other therapy’s rules and regulations. Reflexology has its own history, vocabulary, theories, and techniques. We work on behalf of our certificants and Reflexologists across the nation in order to insure that we are recognized as a separate profession. An unethical, but growing trend in the USA, is the operation of “reflexology parlors or foot spas” that front for operations of human trafficking and prostitution. ARCB® has worked with the RAA and the National Human Trafficking Resource Center to produce a brochure called Identifying the Legitimate Reflexology Practice PDF. This brochure provides information for the general public and law enforcement to be able to distinguish the legitimate reflexology professional.

Reflexology is exempt from massage laws in 33 states. Four states have their own reflexology regulations. In many counties and cities with massage laws, professional reflexologists have received an exemption. The ARCB® examination or its written portion has been selected legislatively as the basis for licensing of Reflexologists in some jurisdictions. See State Reflexology Law Information for a summary of state law pertaining to reflexology.

If you are a professional Reflexologist with concerns about legislative actions in your area, or a law-enforcement professional or legislative staff member who needs more information, please contact our office to be put in touch with our Legislative Committee chairperson.