American Reflexology Certification Board ®

Setting the highest testing standards to which Professional Reflexologists aspire since 1991.

All ARCB® logos are trademarked and may only be used with permission.

ARCB® grants the use of the “ARCB® Certified” logo to our certificants in good standing for use on business cards, stationery, brochures, and other advertising for certificants’ businesses under the following guidelines:

  1. The ARCB® logo may only be used by Reflexologists certified by ARCB® in the particular discipline for which they are intended.

  2. ARCB® logos that lack the word “certified” are reserved for ARCB’s® use and may not be used at any time, by anyone other than the ARCB®.

  3. The ARCB® Certified logo may not be altered in any way.

  4. ARCB® practitioners may use the ARCB® Certified logo in conjunction with the words “ARCB® Board Certified Reflexologist” or “National Board Certified Reflexologist” (NBCR).

  5. The ARCB® acronym, unless previously identified to mean the American Reflexology Certification Board® in an article, brochure, or press release cannot be used by itself.

  6. The ARCB® Certified logos are for individual practitioner business use only and may be used in the certificant’s biographical information.

  7. The ARCB® or ARCB® Certified logos may not be used in any way that implies you are endorsed, recommended or licensed by ARCB® or to infer you are an instructor for ARCB® or that your educational program is approved by ARCB®. However, schools or instructors that have submitted and received ARCB® approval for a continuing education activity may state that the activity is ARCB® approved but may not use the logo to advertise such activity.

  8. The ARCB® logos cannot be used in conjunction with products or in the promotion of products.