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Due to the uncertainty of when and how much the COVID-19 will affect the US population, the ARCB is suspending all testing until further notice. We will notify you as conditions change.

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Upcoming Conferences

August 2019

Attending a conference is a great opportunity to connect with people of like minds who share your passion for reflexology and it’s a great opportunity to expand your knowledge. Most reflexology conferences are open to everyone. The following conferences are […]

Legal Use of ARCB®’s Registered Trademarks (®) and Other Materials

August 2019

Did you know that our logos (examples below) as well our full name, American Reflexology Certification Board®, and acronym, ARCB®, are registered trademarks and may only be used as stated below?  In addition, our Study Guide, brochures and other materials […]

Benefits of Reflexology Continuing Education

March 2019

Here are 10 great benefits for continuing your reflexology education…

When you continue to take classes after you’ve graduated from your initial reflexology training, you:

Refine and expand your skill-set

Refresh and evolve your understanding of the body

Meet […]